I don’t know where this came from. A professionally shot (tough I can’t say the same for the editing) live performance of OH MAMA! from 1986 (maybe 1987?), with Hirasawa donned in the Another Day costume and crazy stuff going in the screens in the back.

btw if rapid cut stuff makes you nauseous I wouldn’t watch this.

Photos from an interview for BARKS (divides into Parts One & Two) regarding the Philosopher’s Propeller Interactive Live. The interview is also punctuated by photos of the show that, while serviceable for 2000 standards, haven’t aged well; they were taken in either of the Osaka shows (the article doesn’t seem to specify which or if it’s from both), if you look really close you can kinda see MIRAI on stage. There was also video of Hirasawa, but it seems to have been lost to time.

Pictures taken during an interview for NIFTY in 2000 (which can be read here). The interview goes through standard stuff for late 90s Hirasawa: His history with computers and video-making, the 21st anniversary of P-MODEL*, Interactive Live Show, the “Universal Inspection Corps”**, leaving major record labels for distribution through MP3s.

Also, as far as I know, this is the last time Hirasawa was seen in public wearing the Sim City coat (I wonder if he throws in any of his old costumes when chilling at home when he feels like it).

*Even tough P-MODEL was mostly inactive for 2000, they were only officially disbanded in 20 December, this interview is from 27 November.

**万国点検隊, a series of travels to Southeast Asia hosted by Hirasawa for fan club members throughout 1994-2000, with a last one in 2007. They went to Phuket (twice), Bangkok (twice), Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Pagan/Bagan. In the second Bangkok trip, Hirasawa recorded the fan club members chanting (it later got used on LOST LEGEND), the second Phuket trip was the basis for the P-0 DVD.

Pictures from internet reports (culled from ASCII.jp, INTERNET Watch & PCfan) of the press conference held for the Music Industrial Wastes project.

Monday, 31 May 1999, MAC Studio, Ikejiriohashi, Meguro, Tokyo

Pictures from internet features on Hirasawa (the last one is from a news article, the rest are from interviews).

The first 3 are from 1996, the fourth from 1997 & the rest from 1999.


kstipetic replied to your post:Snow Blind was a pretty unexpected choice

Yeah isn’t that from Ghost in Science?

it’s from Aurora, the only song from that album I remember being performed recently (i.e. since it was first released) is Island Door (Paranesian Circle) and that wasn’t even the version on that album hahaha

it’s probably my second-favourite on that one after Island Door so it was kind of like “wait, is it really this song?” haha

Sorry for my “well actually”ing, but Hirasawa generally performs 1 song from Aurora on every other live (2550 had Snow Blind, 2553 had Song of the Force, 2555 had Take the Wheel”)

Still, Snow Blind is one of the better songs from that album, I’m really glad Hirasawa brought it back (also, did he use the backwards Oh Mama! sample or is that only in the studio version?)

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I’ve been laughing for the past 10 min with no signs of stopping.


I’ve been laughing for the past 10 min with no signs of stopping.

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